Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tonight's Project

I love this menu planning calendar.  As a full time working mom and a wife to a husband who is also in school and working full time, meal organization is tricky.  So when a friend of mine introduced me to this system I was thrilled.
Unfortunately, I haven't had the time or the energy to make one myself over the last several months.  

Luckily, Rachelle decided to take on this project herself.
Here's how it turned out.

And, yet even after seeing both of these amazing projects, I  still haven't worked up the true desire to try one on my own.  They look incredible but they also look complicated.  

So here is what I'm working some more on tonight:

Until I can actually take time to make my own board,
I will use these standard magnets for my fridge.
Follow this tutorial to make some magnets for your own fridge!  
All I needed for this project was:

1) printed recipes titles
2) background paper (we used scrapbook paper from Michael's)
3) glue or double sided tape
4) small magnets (found for approx $3.00 at Michael's)
5) laminating paper (found for under $5.00 at Walmart)

These magnets are simple, inexpensive and have been a wonderful solution to managing our busy lives while still reminding us to eat.

Thank you, thank you again to Rachelle for getting me started on this wonderful project and for inspiring me to work on it myself!

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