Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day DIY Revealed

A few weeks ago in this post, I blogged about a great Father's Day DIY I was going to try.  I had to act fast because I came across Twinkle Toes' idea on a Wednesday afternoon and Father's Day was the following Sunday.  I knew this was what I wanted to do so I halted all plans for the remainder of the afternoon, bathed and dressed Mackenzie in one of our favorite GAP sundresses and made a quick trip to JoAnn Fabric's for some D's and an A.

While Twinkle Toes bought paper mache letters and spray painted them for her shoot, I decided to go the easier, cheaper (and in my personal opinion) cuter route.  I bought pre-painted white letters for our shoot so as to avoid spending the extra (messy) time spray painting, not to mention the extra money on spray paint.  Since I was doing this project without my husband's help, I didn't think spray painting with a 2 year old sounded like much fun.

In all I paid $2.99 per letter, .80 cents for each picture to be developed and $11.99 for the frame from Bed Bath and Beyond (Originally $16.99 but I used a mailed $5.00 off coupon).  Total for this gift was approximately $20.00 (give or take a little with tax).

Our photo shoot went well.  Although, I must say I overestimated my daughter's attention span.  By the end of our twenty minute film session I found myself (literally) begging and bribing her with cookies to pose for one more picture.  I even did a second session later in the evening to get a better D shot.

Here's what we ended up with:

Cute? I think so!  JB loved it and at some point we plan on doing a matching "MOM" session so that our home doesn't look like our daughter favors one parent over the other ;)  This project could also be cute for a Grandparent's Day gift or with multiple children holding letters like this one...

Well, obviously these aren't children.  These are the fabulous Baker boys who posed for a photo shoot for my aunt as a gift one year.  But I love this too.  Props to my beautiful cousin Maddy for these wonderful pictures and her excellent photography skills!

Hope some of you can use one of these ideas for a gift down the road!

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