Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

This upcoming week holds a special place our hearts because 2 years ago I was hugely pregnant and we were about to meet Mack for the very first time. We welcomed a patriotic baby into our home later that week.  So, while our little girl won't be celebrating her birthday with school cupcakes every year, she will have fireworks, s'mores and picnic food to look forward to each July.  

Although we have quite the busy week with family coming into town and a big birthday party to throw this next weekend, I still thought it would be fun to put up some of my favorites.

Read here to see how it turned out for Rachelle.

And, I picked up blueberries and raspberries to make this flag cake for my seniors on Monday.

Bath and Body Works is having their semi annual sale.  This Apple Pie fragrance is to die for so I stocked up (literally--I bought 10) for this summer and this fall.  They were 75% off making them $1.25 a piece which is cheaper than Target brand soap.

Two years ago my mother bought me a red white and blue cotton sundress for Mack to wear on her 2nd birthday.  I've been waiting two long years for my daughter to prance around in her patriotic glory. This is finally the year!  And while, she won't be wearing this adorable tutu, I thought it would be worth mentioning because of how darling it is.   

So, what are YOUR 4th of July favorites?


  1. The girls and I picked out Mack's birthday present a couple of days ago. :)

  2. Can't wait to see you guys! We made a change to the location because of the Irish Fest so check your email...we're so glad you are going to come :)

  3. I can't beleive she is turning two already! And I love that she gets fireworks every year for her birthday, so jealous :)