Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hoop Wall Reveal!

Mack's "hoop wall" is finished!  
We love it and think you will too.  At least we're hoping so!
To start hanging we had to remove this art work from the wall above her crib.

 A Chicago based interior design friend of ours-- Summer Thorton helped us pick out this fabric and come up with a plan of how to incorporate it into M's nursery.  We had it professionally framed and hung over her crib and we have been in love with it since.  Now we will hang it over her dresser.  In going with the hoops we tried hard to stay within the same style and colors as the fabric in this frame.  

Now on to our Pinterest project.  Here's the look we were going for--

Here's the look we got--

If you can get past the horrible camera lighting I think we did well.  
Personally, I think our cute kid made the pictures anyways.

From start to finish we paid $35 for this project.  

Notice the giddy, hiding toddler in the corner.  She loved her wall too and told us over and over and over.  And that always makes for a satisfied momma.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for all of your expert drilling and hanging skills.  
You're a stud as always.

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