Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Idea # 1

So, as I wrote a few posts back I've hopped on board  with the Pinterest challenge!  I swore I wasn't going to but I'm officially hooked.  I hesitated to get involved because as I was reminded my a friend, I've got enough going on as a full time wife to a full time grad school student & mom to a full time toddler, with a full time job and full time marathon training.  That's a lot of full. And although I couldn't agree more...if there is one thing becoming a mom has taught me it is that I am more than just a wife and mom.  I am more than my job.  I need  things in my life that still influence who I am.  And now that I actually "get" Pinterest 
(I googled it because I was so confused) I LOVE the idea behind it.  
And so, these four lovely ladies..
 SherryEmilyKatie and Lana issued the Pinterest Challenge.

The challenge essentially says, 
"Stop just looking at Pinterest and actually make something of what you like".
And so, I'm issuing the same challenge to myself and my friends (I'm wondering if I even have a friend out there who hasn't joined Pinterest yet).  I issue my own challenge because I love the idea but also because I love my friends and I'm to see what everyone will create.
In the interest of continuing to work on our memory wall... here's what I plan on working on for my first project.  It doesn't look complicated but I'm nonetheless very excited to try it for myself and add it to our wall.
And after I finish this...I plan to go a step trickier with these adorable boots for Mack for the fall.

And so...the official issue of my challenge...
What do you love from Pinterest...and what will YOU create?

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