Thursday, August 25, 2011


This DIY was originally posted by Adriele but I fell in love with the idea when I found it posted on Pinterest.  My inspiration came from Kate's nursery.

So, yesterday I set out to get started on my own.
Here's the fabric we'll be using...

This is an incredibly simple project once you actually get past the fabric section of the craft store.  I tend to be very indecisive and could spend hours mulling over different colors and designs.  It got so bad that eventually JB and Mack left me at the store and I walked home.  That sounds mean but don't worry, we only live a block away.

Once the fabric is chosen you pop the embroider hoop over the material and cut around the edges leaving about two inches (give or take).  Then you glue the loose fabric to the inside of the hoop.

We debated on what name to use for M's wall.  We threw around some options (Mackenzie, Kenzie, Mack, Mini B, Dwarf)  We ultimately chose Mack because I was paying for this project in loose change (seriously) and didn't want to fork out the money for the "enzie".  Plus, I scored a bonus because I was able to use the "A" from the Father's Day project that Mack and I made back in June.

Here's what the hoops look like when they are finished.  Plus I think my kid is cute.

Here's a very rough idea of what this will look like tonight after we've had the chance mount it all on Mack's wall.  Check back soon for the final reveal.

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  1. love this!!! so cute :) what is it with hoop art and flag bunting?? i am in love.