Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wreath Inspiration

Here's the fall wreath JB & I finished tonight.
I was thinking deep purples and creams but somehow we ended up with a mixture of autumn colors.  And yes, I know that the number 2 is crooked and needs to be fixed.  It's staring at me as I type this.
In short: We found the house numbers at Michael's on clearance.  We used a 40% off coupon making this wreath only $3.00 at JoAnn's.  The flowers I took from work because we have an overabundance of dried flowers that will probably never be used.  After painting several coats onto the house numbers and hot gluing everything, we magically had this wreath.  All for under $5.00. And we love it.  The only thing I don't like is the fact that our house numbers are glaring at us from inside the circle of the wreath.  Just a little weird.

We gleaned our inspiration (thanks to Pinterest) from Teach.Craft.Love.  I loved her wreath ideas as soon as I saw them and I'm excited to make a Christmas one too.  I'm thinking silver door numbers with red flowers and silver bells. Can't wait to try it.  For now though, I'm thrilled that it's FINALLY Fall and I will milk this season for everything that it's worth.

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  1. Just a word of caution... I know for a fall wreath it doesn't matter, but if you ever make a summer one - don't use hot glue. My mom used to use hot glue on all her wreaths and in the summer it would get so hot the glue would melt and all the stuff would fall off the wreath lol.