Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Living In The Moment

Family life over the past several months (more like year & a half) has been a hectic mix of juggling year # 2 of grad school, two full time jobs, marathon training, church, small group...and oh yes, a little thing called "raising a toddler".  This morning's snowfall was such a gift to wake up to.  With all of the leaves still on our front yard trees, today everything was white and powdery and beautiful with just a hint of gold peeking out.  I love mornings like this because they seem to always bring a sense of serenity and peace to an otherwise hectic world. I could have chosen to moan and groan over this premature winter storm but the smile on my little girl's face when she climbed out of bed this morning and ran to our balcony was enough to make my whole day.

An afternoon of playing in the snow!


Living in the moment.  So thankful for making these memories with my little family.

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