Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 I can't believe we're already well into March.  Time is flying and life is constantly changing.  Or at least it has been. Our biggest life change this year is that-- we bought our first home!  We are officially home owners. And this means, I'm going to remain a "Little Mountain Momma" for a good while longer.  

And honestly, for the first time, I'm not feeling so city sick. I love cities and I miss our city more than I ever imagined I could. How can a place leave such a permanent stamp on your life and your heart?   But, here I am, feeling pretty sentimental and reflecting on all of the journeys God has brought us to and through and I am ecstatic about this current one were on.  

So, in short- here's our house story. We had been told by countless friends that house buying could be a nightmare.  This past fall we began to pray about buying a home and we prayed that if this was in fact, the right time to buy, that God would make it very clear to us by opening and shutting necessary doors.  So here's how it went-

January 21st- met with our realtor to visit home # 1.  It was in a wonderful neighborhood but had been beaten up pretty badly inside by its previous owners.

January 24th- Visited house # 2- We fell in love.  Beautiful home in an older neighborhood, 4 beds 2 baths.  It was remodeled but maintained the older home charm which we wanted.

Here's where the oops on our part came in- We didn't anticipate falling in love with house # 2.  Our lease on our current apartment wasn't up until June.  

January 26th- We put in an offer on the home and prayed the sellers would agree to 90 days closing which would essentially have us closing right as our lease was ending.

January 27th- Sellers countered our offer and asked us to close February 22nd BUT offered to give us a check at closing for the remainder of our rental lease.  We were floored.  And we said yes! Who wouldn't?

January 28th- We accepted the offer and officially went under contract!
That gave us 3 weeks to have our inspection done, have the home appraised and our loan approved.  Everything went off without a hitch and on February 22nd we were standing in front of our new home with the keys.  And the best part, we're exactly 12 minutes from Downtown Denver!