Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Journey Come Full Circle

Well, today was certainly incredible.  I'm trying not to cry just thinking about it.  This morning I had the opportunity to share about my journey through postpartum depression on 90.1 Moody Radio in Chicago.  What an honor.  What a privilege.  It was three years ago this very week that I began to struggle with postpartum depression.  We had just brought Mackenzie home from the hospital and I was scared as anything.  Today I spoke and and shared my heart with women all over my city, the city where it all began.  And today, everything seemed to come full circle.  Today was just proof of God's unfailing grace in my life and in the ways He is using my weaknesses for HIS good. And while every day that I walked was so incredibly difficult, now looking back, I believe it in my deepest parts that it was all worth it.  Funny how that can happen.

I have no idea who reads this blog. But when Elizabeth Henderson, producer of "This Is The Day" asked me to join the show and share, all I could do was pray.  I've been praying all week.  I've been praying my little heart out that the right women, the women who needed most to hear this message, would be listening.  And I know just from some emails I've gotten today that several did.  And I am so incredibly encouraged and blessed by that.  

And while I do plan on writing a full recap of my interview and listing resources for anyone who visits my site and wants further support, tonight I just have one thing to say and I hope it resonates with you more than anything else you heard this morning.  It is what I needed most to hear three years ago.  And I want to share it tonight with you.  

To the momma out there who is struggling, I want to tell you one thing tonight: 
You did not make a mistake.
In this time and in this place, God made you a momma. 
Satan may try to convince you that you aren't good enough.
He will try to tell you that you weren't meant for this role.
I know this, because he had me convinced.  
But that is a line and a lie straight from the pit of hell.

So right here,  right now,  if you are reading this:
Hear my heart.  Hear God's heart.
Your baby?  Not a mistake.  You becoming a Mom?
Not a mistake. I can speak to this truth because I've been in your shoes.

You were made for this role.  You will be blessed by this role.  
Maybe you aren't feeling this now. Maybe you still won't tomorrow.  
But you will walk this road and someday you will look back 
and you will have the peace in your heart about motherhood 
that God always intended for you to have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the great blessing of sharing with you today and each week through this blog. You have no idea what this has meant for me.


  1. Brittany, that is amazing truth you wrote. I wanted to let you know I heard you on the radio program. I was happy to hear them discuss PPD and you share your personal story.
    Today amazon is offering a free kindle title: Living Beyond Postpartum Depression: Help & Hope for the Hurting Mom and Those Around Her by Jerusha Clark.
    Thank you for sharing from your heart!

  2. This made my cry, Brittany!! The end part!! In a good way :) Love love love this!!