Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our Gluten Free Kid Of The Week: Jack

The Geislers have been long time family friends of ours for years and years.  Like, 20 + years... So when Jessica Geisler's little guy started to show similar signs of problems with gluten around the same time as our Mackenzie, we mommas connected! So excited to bring to you:
Little Mountain Momma's
 Gluten Free Kid Of The Week
Jack, 5 Years Old 
Describe Jack in three words- Sweet, Funny, Caring
How did you discover Jack needed to go gluten free?
When Jack was 3 years old he began to have headaches, losing weight and also having tummy problems. After a few blood tests, a trip to the pediatric GI and a scope/biopsy, it was confirmed that he had Celiac Disease
What are the biggest challenges you find in having Jack be gluten free?
Our biggest challenges are making sure that we are always prepared when we are out of the house so that Jack always has something he can eat.  Jack's favorite "on the go" gluten free treats are chocolate chip granola bars or fruit snacks!  Walmart is great about keeping a good stock of both these items in their "gluten free" section. 
How do you explain what “gluten free” means to Jack?
Being gluten free means that Jack is happy and healthy.  He knows that if he eats anything with gluten that his tummy will hurt. 
Do you have a favorite recipe you would be willing to share with other gluten free
Jack's favorite snacks to eat are gluten free rice krispies treats!  Just make sure you buy the designated gluten free rice krispies-- not to be confused with the "normal" rice krispies which are actually not gluten free (even though they are made with rice).  So tricky!
Does your family have a favorite restaurant or bakery that is gf or offers gluten free options?
Jack's favorite restaurant when we go out to eat is Red Robin.  He orders the "chicken on a stick" and can also have their fries since they are gluten free.  We also love a Plymouth, Michigan based bakery called Rummi's Passion where he loves to get their pizza rolls, muffins and cupcakes.  That's where we get all of our birthday treats!
Do you have any tips for parents who are embarking on a gluten free diet for their child? 
The best tip I can give for another parent whose child has been diagnosed with celiac or has a gluten allergy is to seek out support from other parents who have been through the same thing with their child (or children). 
Do you have any favorite resources (websites, books, magazines etc...) that you can
share to help another parent along this journey?
My favorite resources for gluten free recipes are Pinterest and Google. Some great pinterest recipes are for an awesome gluten free all purpose flour mix and a great banana bread to make with the all purpose flour!
Hoping that Jack's gluten free journey has hit home with another one of you mommas out there who is searching for answers for your kiddo. 

Please feel free to email if you have any questions for Jessica about Jack's gluten free journey or if you know of a child who would like to be featured during an upcoming week.
Check back next week as we feature another gluten free kid of the week!

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