Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Letter to My Babies on Resurrection Sunday

Dear Mackenzie & Levi,
This morning when you climbed out of bed, daddy and I led you both on a hunt for special clues.  You ran from room to room squealing and laughing. At the end of our hunt you found your Easter baskets with bunnies!  Real, live, squishy, cuddly bunnies!  We couldn’t wait to see your faces when you met your new friends!  We are so excited for our family to create memories with our bunnies—we’ve been told we can teach Piper and Sawyer tricks and that they will have special little personalities just like you each have.  How fun is that!? 

But here’s the thing, my sweet babies, I struggled with whether or not we should actually get you bunnies.  Because I didn’t want to confuse you about why we celebrate this day.  Bunnies are wonderful and sweet and special.  But today is special for more reasons than just our new friends. 
Today is special because we celebrate the promise that God made to us when Jesus conquered death. Let me explain to you a little more about what that means. 
Daddy and I talk to you all the time about how broken our world is.  We tell you the story about how Adam and Eve invited bad things into a perfect world when they chose to disobey God. 
We see the effects of that sin every day around us. 
You see it when we’re driving and we pass a car accident with people who are hurt and headed for the hospital.  You feel it when you are running at the playground and you fall and scrape your knees. You hear about it on the radio when they tell us that kids in other countries like Africa don’t have clean water to drink.  You experience the effects of sin in our own home when mommy and daddy argue or when mommy sometimes burns the pancakes. 
God never intended for any of these things to happen (especially not the burned pancakes). But Adam and Eve made a wrong choice. Because of that choice, sin was passed down to us. We make bad choices and we sin daily.  And so does every other person around us.  Because of this, we live in a world filled with bad things.
For a long, long time, it was very hard for mommy to understand why such a loving God would allow all of the bad in the world to happen.  And I know this might be hard for you to understand too, which is why I’m writing to you.  But over the past year, Mommy has started to see the bigger picture.  Mommy has started to see God for how truly amazing He is.
One way we could think of it is like a story.  And in this story there is a good side and a bad side.  God is the good and Satan is the bad.  And while we are here living on earth, Satan would like nothing more than to make us think that God is not for us.  That God is the bad guy and that He has abandoned us. 
But He is for us my sweet babies.  And that’s where Jesus comes in.  God knew that sin was separating us from having a relationship with Him.  So he sent Jesus to take the consequences of our sins.  Jesus, God’s son, died for both of you so that you could be on God’s side.  The good side. 
And here’s the part that momma really loves. And it is why today, Resurrection Day is so important. 
Jesus did something absolutely amazing.  After he was beaten and killed, after He died on the cross for our bad choices, He came back to life! 
Jesus defeated death!  Death could not keep Him from us!  
Our sins were not too great for Him!
That’s the part I really love-- That there isn’t a bad thing in this world that is too great for Jesus!
Jesus promised that someday He is going to return for us.  But He also said that while we are living on earth waiting for Him, that we will experience some very tough things.  Things like the car accident I mentioned earlier and pain from your skinned knees. 
But something I want you to know, something I’m just now learning—is that we don’t have to live in fear!  God is so much bigger than all of the bad in this world.  He has covered it ALL.  He has freed us from our own sin and He has given us freedom from being afraid! 
And someday, although we don’t know exactly when, God is going to give Satan that giant spanking we talk about and then he really won’t have any more power over our world.
Until then, we will continue to live trusting that God has good things in store for us—that he has given us beauty even in a world where there are bad things. 
There is so much beauty.  I see beauty every day when I look at the two of you.  When I watch you run through the house holding hands and I hear you giggling together. 
When we sing “You Are My Sunshine” and whisper “I love yous” to each other in the dark while rocking in our comfy gray chair.
We will look together for signs of God’s grace and His goodness in our world. 
This summer we will watch new life spring up from our garden and we will taste the juicy fruit of strawberries in our pink lemonade. We will picnic by the lake and feed the geese and watch the sun set on another day.  We will watch our bunnies grow!
All of these will be reminders to us of God’s goodness, of His faithfulness to us and of the gift He gave us through Jesus.
Mackenzie and Levi, my prayer is that throughout your lives, you will have an overwhelming sense that God is doing something bigger and more powerful than you can comprehend.  That you will know that we are part of His story.  His story of love and healing for our world.
If I could pray one thing over you my sweet babies, it would be that you would always know that God is for you in this story.  That His heart is for you and that His love has paid and conquered it ALL.
You are SO loved,

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