Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy National S'mores Day!

We woke up this morning and glaring right on Jeremy's calendar was a reminder that today is National S'mores Day.  I'm a big believer in celebrations of all kinds.  Anything that involves warm, fuzzy feelings & food.  Life is filled with enough bad so when I can find a reason to celebrate, I usually do. 

In keeping with the spirit of The Baker Family NO SPEND August --  I thought I would give a quick update on how we are doing.  We are 10 days in and while I wouldn't say we've done perfectly -- I will say that I'm pretty proud of us for how well we've done so far.

I have not made one single purchase from Starbucks.  I did set foot in a Starbucks for the purpose of getting some writing done...but I brought my own coffee from home and I left with free coffee grounds for our garden.  A shameless win in my book!

I haven't made a single Target run.  Guys.  THIS IS HUGE.  Can I be completely honest in saying that most weeks I head to target 4 + times a week?  It's awful, I know. 

There have been no late night pizza runs.  Also a big victory for us.  We usually grab a pizza at least once a week from Little Caesars on the nights when I'm too tired to cook or concoct a creative dinner.

Ways we have had to show ourselves some grace for breaking our spending freeze... I came down with a nasty sinus infection this past week so we did make a Walgreens run for medicine. 

And Jeremy also signed up and paid for his first marathon.  For this decision we weighed our long term goals with our short term.  While yes, we have been on a spending freeze -- we aren't on a long term spending freeze and we both agreed that this marathon was something that would be life giving for him and something we could budget out over the next few months. 

Again, showing ourselves some grace.
But, I digress...back to National S'mores Day...
A perfect example of how a small celebration would have in the past turned into a budget disaster. 
This is how our family usually operates --
I wake up and realize that it's National S'mores Day while at the same time also realizing we have no gluten free graham crackers.  Which would have (in my mind) necessitated a sporadic trip to Target.
  And what would have happened is that I would have walked out of Target with (said graham crackers) ... AND a bag of dove chocolates. AND some potato chips. AND some eye liner. AND some clearance kid's clothing...and...and...
You get the point?  You too?
So in the spirit of NO SPEND August, I decided to get creative. 
Rice Chex Mix + Trader Joe's Chocolate Chunks + Mini Marshmellows = S'mores brilliance my friends. 
The kid's devoured it.  Then both had sugar overload meltdowns.  And all was right with the world.
 I'll be back soon for more updates on our NO SPEND August and what we've been learning so far! Now, save yourself a trip to the grocery story and go search your pantries for creative S'mores ingredients!  We love you guys and appreciate all of your support, encouragement and side line cheering as we continue on with this month's challenge!  Love,
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