Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Christmas baking is in full force over here in the Baker home!  One of my favorite things to do with Mackenzie since she could barely waddle was invite her to bake with me.  This past weekend we finally felt like Levi was old enough to join in the fun! 

And of course, inviting him to lick to the cookie dough off of the beaters was a vital part of his initiation into our family baking party!

We used the classic Toll House Cookie Recipe but replaced the chocolate chips for red and green
M & M's and instead of regular flour we used our favorite gluten free flour blend.


As a family we've decided that one of our goals for this upcoming year is to get to know our neighbors and to serve and be generous to our community.  I created some gift tags on Canva -- have you heard of it?  Really, it's the next best thing to baileys in my coffee. 
Canva is a design site where you can create your own printable documents or web images.  Using Canva's "business card" template, you can create the perfect sized gift tags to say "Merry Christmas" and "Thank You" to the important people in your life!
I love to see my girl's face light up as she puts together special gifts for our neighbors and friends and service men and women! 


Because there are so many people to gift during the holidays, I've put together a little reminder with ideas of who you can bake or buy for this season.  I believe the thought really is what counts, so leaving cookies or fresh baked bread out for the trash men or the mail carriers is certain to brighten some spirits in the midst of a long week!
Consult the Emily Post Tipping Guide for a more detailed guide of how much to spend and what to buy as a "Thank You" for service providers like nursing staff, apartment managers, mail carriers and more.
Below are some free printable tags for you to use if designing your own on Canva isn't really your thing!  Just click the links and push "print"!
Print your tag for family, friends & neighbors here!
Print your thank you tag here!
Hope you are having a wonderful week! 
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  1. Such a beautiful post! Lovely words and such pretty photos of your little! We don't tend to give gifts (except to the kiddos in the family) so this year gave homebaked shortbread, peppermint creams and mincepies. Its the thought that counts right? \plus the amount of washing up accumulated definately amounted to a lot of 'thought'! Thanks so much for sharing