Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Letter to my Little & Mighty

Mack and Levi, YOU are my Little & Mighty
You've been coloring my world with laughter and joy, tears and tantrums for 7 years.  Oh, what a life you have given me. What an adventure!  I could not be more grateful! 
A few weeks ago I had the brilliant (ha!) idea to take a family trip to the mountains for a mini snowstorm photo shoot.  You would have thought I had learned my lesson during the Christmas card fiasco of 2015.  Or perhaps the tree cutting down saga that nearly sent you, Levi, to the home for inconsolable toddlers. 
Nope, it took just one more lesson for this momma before I realized -- we are summer people
We are warm weather picture taking people.  We grit our teeth and make lots of unflattering noises during winter photo shoots.  It's balmy weather photo shoots from here on out Baker babes! 
On this photo shoot day ... It. Was. Freezing.  There was lots of begging, pleading and bribing involved.  Nothing like a good cold photo shoot to bring out the mighty in the two of you! 
But oh, you're both just so darn cute in your winter gear and your Little & Mighty apparel
Yes, even when you're screaming Levi. 
Pretty girl, you may be little oh you have so much might in you!  Your smile and joy for life radiates through our home.  You have the energy of one thousand 6-year-olds and good heavens, you wear your momma out.  What a gift you are! You are going to change the world with your big heart and your old soul Mackenzie Leigh.   
Little man, some words to describe you are strong willed, funny, charismatic and adventurous.  I was so scared to raise a boy!  Petrified actually! You have replaced those fears with excitement and anticipation.  This Little & Mighty long sleeve t-shirt could not look better on any other boy.  I can not wait to see what this year holds for you Levi Kyler!
As it turns out, you're both much more photogenic when you're warm and have a sugar laced drink in your hands.  Who knew?
Cheers to a new year of laughter and seeing the world through your eyes.  I can't wait to adventure through 2016 with the two of you.  I love you my little mountain babes! 
Love, Momma
** Little & Mighty is an adventure inspired children's apparel line that I absolutely adore.  
Little & Mighty strives to design children's clothing that inspires adventure.  Their mission is to "encourage Littles to explore and marvel at the great big world around them, and by doing so, to discover their own Mighty abilities." 
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