Thursday, March 3, 2016

Still That Girl

You hear that becoming a momma is the most beautiful thing.  You hear of the ways your babies will reach right and grab your heart and never let go. And every bit of it is the truth.  I wouldn't trade this momma role for a single second. 

But good heavens, there have been days and even months over the past seven years of this journey that I have wished that girl back. 

You know, that girl I'm talking about. That girl that I was before my body was changed and reshaped by this beautiful thing called motherhood.  Because, while motherhood itself is such a beautiful thing... I haven't often felt like my body has fallen in line with that beauty.

There have many, many days that I have been downright embarrassed by the new me.  I've been ashamed of the curves and the extra pillows of skin that have formed along my hips and tummy.  The tired eyes that I often see in the mirror make me wistful for that girl that once felt full of energy and restful nights. 

If I'm really being honest, the past six months in particular have been really hard on me physically.  I've battled depression and I've gained some extra weight.  I'm embarrassed just to admit that, but in keeping with the consistency and the honesty of what I desire for my writing to be, I feel like I need to share for any other women who have been in this same place.   

When Pink Blush contacted me to review some of their clothing, I was like a little girl on Christmas morning!  I absolutely LOVE the Pink Blush women's line and I was so excited to shop for our upcoming family vacation.  What I wasn't thrilled about was shopping for the body I've been trying so hard to cover over the winter months. 

I chose this Navy Colorblock Maxi Dress and am absolutely thrilled with the fit.  I'm only 5'1 but this maxi dress is 55" from shoulder to bottom hem and is the perfect length to pair with some heeled shoes. 

I also love that the neckline is modest and fits snug so that I'm not revealing too much skin.  Because I'm smaller busted I'm always a little more insecure about how tops and dresses fit me. I often find that clothes fit looser and are less flattering for smaller frames.  

This maxi dress allows for the perfect balance of modesty while also making me feel beautiful.

This Pink Blush Colorblock Maxi Dress also comes in black, aqua, grey & taupe.  Right now it can be purchased through their site for $46 + Free Shipping.  And if you signup for the Pink Blush email list you'll get an extra 15 % off your first purchase.

Our family enjoyed an evening out to dinner in the Florida sunshine.  Jeremy's top is from Old Navy.  Mack & Levi are both sporting the current Target spring line.

I chose this Pink and White Tribal Print Dress  for our family trip to the beach.  For a cool night, this was the perfect dress to keep my arms covered while also allowing me to dip my feet into the ocean.

The bow on this dress is just perfect.

This particular dress is no longer in stock but Pink Blush has so many cute tribal prints available this season! I've been eyeing this adorable Tribal Print Dressing Robe for $41!

Motherhood hasn't lessened my beauty.  In fact, it's added to it.  The curves and extra weight remind me of pregnancy and how my body nourished life for 10 long months.  The tired eyes are a reminder of the 2 am cuddles with my baby who is growing up all too quickly. 

Slipping on my Pink Blush clothing reminded me that I am still that girl.  I'm still the girl who deserves to feel beautiful when I look into the mirror. I'm still that girl who loves to get dressed up and go out with my girl friends on a Friday night!

And YOU deserve it too.  You are still that girl.  You deserve to feel beautiful because you are beautiful. Which is why today through Tuesday, March 8th at 12 am MST, Pink Blush is giving away a $50 gift card to one of you lovely mommas.

 All you have to do is enter below!  I can't wait to find out which of you is going to get to go shopping!  And also, a side note -- If you aren't the winner of this giveaway, right now Pink Blush is offering an additional 50 % off of their clearance section so there are some really great deals right now! 
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*Disclosure -- this is a compensated post.  I was sent free product by the company Pink Blush but all opinions are my own.


  1. Hello, I just fund your blog and I already love it here. I do know "that" girl and sometimes, a lot of times, I miss her.

    I love the dresses you chose, especially that pink and white one! WOW!

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