Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well friends,  it's that time of year again... the time when all of those adorable snail mail delivered Christmas cards arrive on doorstep.  And me?  I do the walk of shame every single year, from my mailbox back to our house, because I never, ever send them out.  

In all fairness, the last time I tried to get a cute "family photo" to send out in a Christmas card, Levi pulled a...well, a Levi... and the photo below is what we got.  So, instead of being sent in cards to grace all of your refrigerators, this photo just stays framed on my wall year round to keep me humble.  

But THIS year, I'm trying something a little different.  If I can't be trusted to slap on some stamps and place a sticky finger, smeared envelope in the mail (because hey, let's face it...with three kids, that's what you would be getting), I'm going paperless.

Yep, that's right... I'm hanging up my Walk of Shame Shoes and I'm partnering with Paperless Post to send out my Christmas E-Cards this year.  I really can't praise Paperless Post enough!  For any other mommas out there who just can't physically add one more "to do" to your mental "to do list" capacity... this easy Christmas card option is brilliant!

Now, I'm not going to spoil the family Christmas card in a blog post, so the below card is an example of how Paperless Post has made paperless Christmas cards (among other things!), easy and classy.  Stay tuned for our actual paperless Christmas cards coming... soon (ish).  Ha. 

Step 1You choose your layout 

Paperless post has made it easy and fun to choose your Christmas card.  Scroll through literally hundreds of ideas as shown below and pick the card that fits your style best.  

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Step 2- Add Your Family Photo

Once you've chosen your layout, you can add a personalized photo that reflects your family!  In the case of the sample card below, I chose a favorite photo from our Milk & Cookie Mini Sessions.  You can also choose a different text font and size it however you see fit.

Step 3: Choose your envelope style.  

Again, paperless post has made this fun!  There are hundreds of envelope styles to choose from!  I chose the classic Santa & his reindeer because I thought it fit well with the kid's Christmas pajamas.  

 Step 4: Choose your stamp
Would you believe that you can even choose a stamp style for the envelopes?  Cutest finishing touch ever!

Step 5:  Create your address book
This is the part where you get to choose all of the lovely friends and family that will be receiving your card.  It's a quick and easy process of adding in the email addresses for Great Aunt Florence and Crazy Uncle Harry.  You wouldn't want to miss them because you would be sure to hear about that oversight for Christmases to come!

Step 6: Send your card & wait for the reply

This is definitely my favorite feature of the Paperless Post Christmas cards.  The chance for friends and family to respond.  Now, I'll be honest... I've sent e-cards before.  I think sometime circa 2004 when I was first learning the ropes of social media.  But there was never the option to receive fan mail in return.  I LOVE this feature.  My Grandma can open her email, see the sweet picture of my kids and send a reply back! I can't wait to read all of the responses we receive from friends & family.

And, there you have it!  An affordable, quick and simple way to have your Christmas cards send off to friends & family in no time.  You're saving the trees too!  I must also mention that Paperless Post offers much more than just the option to send holiday cards.  One of the options I'm most excited about is the option to customize paperless stationary for your business.  I plan on taking advantage of this as I follow up with clients who have used my photography business, Brooke Leigh Photography.  Looking forward to seeing some of your Paperless Post cards come through my email inbox!  I'll be sure to respond!

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