Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie is my warrior baby. My first baby. The one my heart fought hard for as I battled postpartum depression.  But boy was she worth all of the fight.
 Mackenzie is pure joy. Every day, all day. Her smile says it all. She’ s the life of the party and has never met a stranger. She’ll choose a bright party dress and a fancy headband on even the gloomiest of days. She’s the one standing tall and proud in the Target shopping cart singing “Let It Go”, for the entire store to hear. And the funny thing is -- I decided long ago to keep letting her sing her little heart out. She’s going to have enough people in this life trying to steal her joy. I, for sure, won’t be one of them.
Bigger than Mack’s smile is her heart. I’ve never met a kid who loves bigger. She’s a caretaker and a giver. It’ s amazing as a momma to see God’s light in my daughter’s life. It might sound clich√© but I am fairly certain my girl was born to change the world.

You can read a little more about my journey to motherhood with Mackenzie by reading my guest post at Kristles Clarity where I share about her birth story.

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